Lazienda Denim is in the process of setting up an independent R&D division, with a vision to create its own line of garments, to present and market to its customers. The division will research for the latest market trends, in terms of Fabrics, colors and designs, and convert them into garments for our target audience. The division will have in its team, in addition to the divisional head, coordinators for fabric development, washing technicians, designers, pattern masters and sample men.


The aggregate capacity of Cutting section is above 5,000 garments per day. We perform 100% inspection of the fabric rolls according to 4 point grading system. Our CAD system enables precision pattern making and producing efficient cut markers resulting in higher fabric utilization percentage. We have also implemented certain error proofing techniques which allow us to control different fabric defects including shade variation and it also assists us to trace panels for re-cutting.


Our sewing department operates with highly skilled sewing operators and stringent quality control methods. Using various sewing techniques, modern machines and engineered attachments, we maintain highest level of productivity.
With the Implementation of activities such as Work & Time Study, Method study, Sample Activity, etc., we try to eliminate unnecessary motions to minimize handling of products.


Destroying denims is as much an art as it is a technique. Details are added using fine abrasive papers on scraping tools. And extra whiskering can be added with sand paper. Exclusive work is done to customize jeans as patented secrets, no one other than those who work for these companies knows the exact techniques or the abrasives and chemicals used to achieve certain special effects. Some basic techniques are as under:

Hand Sand / Hand Scraping, Sand blasting, Whiskers, Chevrons, Knee Star / knee whiskers, Hot Spot, Tacking, Grinding, Damages / Destruction, PP Spray, PP Brush / towel, Patch / repair, Bleach spots, Resin application, Pigments & Local tint application etc…

The charisma of bring dry process to life is the "Wet Process". Our Capabilities of international standards are as follows: Rinse, Bleach, Enzyme, Stone Wash, Tints, Resin, Garment Dyeing & Tie Effect.


The finishing department has experienced almost all types of finishing and packaging. From hanging and bagging to folding and tubing, this department can meet the demands of our Customers, many times going the extra mile.