We believe that LD strong culture is our strength and knowing that skill is something that can be trained – but culture is not. Having a clear sense of what you do well is just as important as knowing what to improve. We are focused at continuous product and process improvements. Mindset is how we can lift the strengths further up and make them even more visible for employees, and for our valued customers. For us every mistake is a learning experience. We cogitate in striving for the highest global standards of health, safety and environmental (HSE) responsibility by ensuring that as we go about our business, the security, safety and well-being of our employees remains at the heart of all we do.

LD’s ambition is to create a great workplace, a place where people love to work, have pride in the work they do, trust the people they work for, and go to exceptional lengths to benefit the company. We not only attract the talent but also retain by engaging them with positive energies.

Togetherwe are better

Confidence comes from motivation and discipline, we incorporate both. We never compromise ethics and values, so each individual of JCfamily, from the executive level to part-time support staff is strictly following our code of conducts. Values are integrated every day through example, communication, and policies.

The ambience of all work places is modern and comfortable. We have variety of indoor and outdoor games facilities for employees. It helps relieve stress and promotes greater productivity when they go back to promotes bonding among workers and leads to a stronger team mentality. Textile industry is tough, sometimes people have to sacrifice their weekends, cancel dinner plans at the last minute and may have to miss a child’s year-end school performance, we make a point of celebrating our successes — whether it is a new client win, a record breaking production, new certification or something exceptional that a team member did to support his or her colleagues. Together we are better.
Different awards and certificates are distributed on the basis of target achievements. This helps to boost up the commitment and satisfaction level of our employees memorable experience.


Competitive Pay

Flexible Working Hours

Health Maintenance

Retirement Provision



IN Developing

Our selection procedures are very careful and purely on merit. We have intensive hiring that not only requires skill but also value the candidate’s natural synergy with our organization culture. When employees set foot in organization, they quickly become fully integrated as we foresight with our active, vivid selection procedures.
We welcome the new employees very positively as they are involved in procedures that determine the future of organization. Company provides a sound introduction and orientation. To make them more confident, trainings are provided to them in the successful procedures we’ve developed and learned over time.
Training all the time is a mind-set shift and hallmark of LD. Every interaction every day is a training event for us and we capitalize it. We prefer training than criticizing, to improve the outcome next time. We consider training's as a capital investment and our employees are our principle business asset. Our business learns as our people learn.
Communication is a must for successful procedures, so we communicate to employees the specific training needs and targeted results we've established as a result of our needs analysis. We groom our future leaders with the exceptional qualities and skills. With the needs of the changing industry, the expertise and aptitudes must be in a state of flux to stay at the leading edge. Like an institute we conduct various internal training programs for our employees.


We keep an eye on all the procedures and SDP is developed to promote the supervisors who are technically good. They need to pass the exam in which they are trained as mangers to help their subordinates to achieve peak performance.


We aim to develop leadership style in managers in a way that victory seems in the bag to them and our business continues to be successful and profitable. The training includes diverse elements of Effective business communication, Conflict resolution skills; Team building, Time management, Delegation skills and Goal setting.


Technical training covers a broad range of programs to understand fabric, pattern making, garment making, innovation in machinery, chemicals, threads and other technical aspects of apparel industry. We arrange in house workshops to do the practical and people travel to foreign countries to understand the modern techniques.



We have developed a community where the employees have been treated as a family. We care for our employee’s success and happiness in life and they get confidence, competence and earned praise.
LD’s family is protected through social security institute for which Company pays in return our employees enjoy free medication & hospitalization facility from dedicated government medication center. Those employees who don’t cover under the umbrella of government institute those are treated through group life insurance where the employees may not have to pay anything out of their salary for policy benefits including death, terminal illness & disabilities.
All employees of JC are covered under the senior citizens scheme, in this context minor amount is deducted from the employees’ salary and rest of the contribution is paid by company and after the prescribed age employees get the benefits of senior citizens, as the senior citizens have contributed to our society during the prime of their lives. They have sacrificed much so that we may now enjoy the fruits of their labor. In any culture, respect for elders is paramount.
A well-equipped First aid and rest room is provided for the employees where they can get the first aid and can take rest as per advice of medical attendant. Health care workshops are also arranged in the company’s premises by getting the assistance of the doctors.
Financial assistance is provided for the marriage of son/daughter to the deserving employees. The loan is provided as a gift on non-returnable basis. We also support to meet the endless necessities of employees even beyond the company level. Mark-up free loan is provided to employees for basic necessities of life. Loan is adjusted in long term and easy installments.